Anthony Belloni, aka Tony Baloney, is accused of murdering his mistress. His wife hires librarian-turned-private-investigator Angelina Bonaparte to find the real killer and exonerate Tony. Angie’s heart tells her to let the skunk rot in prison, but her head convinces her that adultery is not grounds for incarceration. Now Angie is a woman on a mission: to uncover the truth.

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Adriana Johnson inherited millions from her murdered parents – who lived like the working poor and never had ‘enough.’ She hires PI Angelina Bonaparte to find the sources of the money. 

When the family attorney goes missing and his legal secretary is killed, Angie must trace the links between artifacts in the parents’ home, the attorney and the Bosnian War of the 1980s. Angie better watch her back, because someone knows about the money in those bank accounts, and they don’t intend to let Adriana inherit it!

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